Episode MP3 File Transcript
1 "How Money is Created"  wom1 MP3 WOM 1 Transcript
2 "Financial Risk Transfer" wom2 MP3 WOM 2 Transcript
3 "Banking on Poverty" wom3 MP3 WOM 3 Transcript
4 "Wizards and Warlords" wom4 MP3 WOM 4 Transcript
5 "Monetary Terrorism" wom5 MP3 WOM 5 Transcript
6 "Democratizing the Monetary System" wom6 MP3 WOM 6 Transcript
7 "Money Cycle vs Water Cycle" wom7 MP3 WOM 7 Transcript
8 "Trading Nature & Cooking the Books" wom8 MP3 WOM 8 Transcript
9 "Jack and the Sweatshop" wom9 MP3 WOM 9 Transcript
10 "Back to the Twenties thro the Looking Glass-Steagall" wom10 MP3 WOM 10 Transcript
11 "House Lever-Edge at the Derivatives Casino" wom11 MP3 WOM 11 Transcript
12 "The Imperial Budget and the Mythical Lock-Box" wom12 MP3 WOM 12 Transcript
13 "Bankruptcy Bill's Shootout at the Social Safety Net" wom13 MP3 WOM 13 Transcript
14 "The Trade Federation and the Intergalactic Banking Clan" wom14 MP3 WOM 14 Transcript
15 "Homeland Securitizations & Overseas Vacations" wom15 MP3 WOM 15 Transcript
16 "There's a Generic in my Sharkfin Soup" wom16 MP3 WOM 16 Transcript
17 "Caught Between a Dock and a Sweatshop" wom17 MP3 WOM 17 Transcript
18 "Where Wall Street Crosses Auburn Avenue" wom18 MP3 WOM 18 Transcript
19 "The Education Sweepstakes" wom19 MP3 WOM 19 Transcript

20 "The Battle of the Dragons - Oil vs Insurance"

WOM 20 Transcript
21 "Playing Russian Roulette in the Carbon Markets" wom21 MP3 WOM 21 Transcript
22 "Ecotainment Gossip...Mickey Mouse & Smokey Bear?" wom22 MP3 ? 


German Flag Episode Transcript
1 "Wie Geld geschaffen wird"  WOM 1 Transcript German

Spanish Flag Episode Transcript
1 "Como Se Crea El Dinero"  WOM 1 Transcript Spanish
2 "Transferencia Del Riesgo Financiero"  WOM 2 Transcript Spanish
3 "Actividad Bancaria en La Pobreza"  WOM 3 Transcript Spanish
4 "Hechiceros y Comandantes"  WOM 4 Transcript Spanish
5 "Terrorismo Monetario"  WOM 5 Transcript Spanish
6 "Democratizando el Sistema Monetario"  WOM 6 Transcript Spanish
7 "El Ciclo Monetario Contra el Ciclo del Agua"  WOM 7 Transcript Spanish

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