Unwelcome Guests

This radio show has been an education to me. With all due respect to my supervisor, Saul, it's certainly done more than my Ph.D. to help me make sense of the world. Politics, History, Economics, Health, Energy, Environment, Money, Education, War & Peace, Psychology, Society - a whole bunch of essential stuff I was never told because I wasn't supposed to know. It was a great day for me when I discovered the show on radio4all.net.

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Made by Lyn Gerry for 10 years, this is the show that woke me up more than any other, hitting the sweet spot between naivete (the major political parties are very different in any meaningful sense) and paranoia (aliens). When Lyn retired in 2010, I took on the show and am carrying on where she left off. The show has a website at UnwelcomeGuests.net, where past episodes are available for download.