A New Approach to Game Tree Searching

[Download The Thesis] In 1999 Warwick University (UK) awarded me a Ph.D for my work in probability theory, which...

  • ... applies dynamic stochastic control to the area of game tree searching, and proves some policies are optimal for simple search based games.
  • ... introduces a new tree search algorithm, PCN*, which generalises the method of conspiracy probabilities used for searching game trees.
  • Summary Dynamic Stochastic Control - A New Approach to Game Tree Searching   [2.9M]
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    * Summary [ 39K ]
    Chapter 1 1 - Game Tree Search (Introduction to Game Tree Searching) [341K]
    Chapter 2 2 - Markov Chains (Theoretical Basis & A Fuel Control Problem) [526K]
    Chapter 3 3 - OR-Tree Search (Most mathematical content) [638K]
    Chapter 4 4 - AND-OR Tree Search (The major obstacles remaining in this area) [183K]
    Chapter 5 5 - Time Control (A two-player Search Game) [289K]
    Chapter 6 6 - Computer Game-Playing (Non-statistical - For AI researchers) [271K]

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    Last modified: 3rd July 2003